Cyber Deception made possible

Cyber deception gives you the upper hand in defending your network. Our tools bring cyber deception into reach for all organizations - you know you should be using deception, we can help.

Why Deception?

Cyber Deception gives your defenders huge advantages and has a variety of use cases, including:

Early Threat Detection

Deception allows you to detect attackers during the reconnaissance phase of the cyber kill chain, giving you ample time to react and put together a remediation plan for affected systems

Enhance DLP Solutions to find insider threats and unknown compromises

Our HoneyDoc system gives you the tools to embed tracking tokens into fictional or real documents to discover when these documents leave your environment, giving you a heads up on insider threats or breaches in progress

Study and manipulate adversaries

By moving attackers into our HoneyNet solution, you can monitor their activity in a realistic environment, giving you valuable insights and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) to hunt for the attackers on your real (production) network

Our Deception Product Suite

All of our products integrate into one easy to use dashboard and management solution for both tactical configuration and deployment along with key metrics tracking. Our deception product offerings include:

High Interaction HoneyPots

  • Easily deploy physical, virtual, and HoneyPots as a Service (HaaS) HoneyPots throughout your network with centralized management and configuration. HoneyPots can be configured to mimic existing services and server types in your environment for maximum believability and interactiveness.

Non-traditional HoneyPots

  • We offer tools to manage DNS, HTTP/Web, Cloud Service (AWS, GCP, and Azure), and Active Directory/LDAP HoneyPots. These specialized tools can enable you to deceive and detect attackers in new and creative ways.


  • Manage a false network environment that mimics a portion of your actual network. Seamlessly hand off attackers from your production/HoneyPot environment to the HoneyNet. This are of the network allows attackers to pivot and move around like they would in your network, however their actions are being logged and tracked. Develop new Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) for attackers in the HoneyNet and pivot those IOCs to hunt in your production environment for unknown attacker footholds. Multiple HoneyNets can be configured to manage multiple adversaries or for Red and Purple team exercise use

Deception as a Service (DaaS)

  • All our HoneyPot and HoneyNet offerings are available “as a service” – that is we host the infrastructure, and you use network routing policies to drive traffic into our environment from yours. This allows you to focus on the effects you wish to gain and not on the technical implementation and management of the deception infrastructure.


  • Generate realistic HoneyDocs - documents with embedded signals and tracking to enhance your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and insider threat detection efforts. Our tools allow you to either add HoneyDoc tracking to an existing document or create realistic false documents that will provide early warnings of attacker data exfiltration and insider threat/corporate espionage. We integrate with your existing DLP solution to enhance its capabilities

Fictional Data Generation Platform

  • Tools to help you generate fictional data to use in deception operations and manage various fictional data points such as fictional employees, projects, networks, and systems. Greatly improves the believability and success of your deception operations and gives your teams a single reference point for all fictional deception information

Deception Planning/Project Management System

  • Track your deception operations and campaigns and ensure that all steps of the deception planning process are being met. Integrates with the operational tools to provide a single pane of glass for both tactical and strategic deception monitoring and management

Deception Maturity Model and Assessments

  • Our platform includes the tools necessary to make Cyber Deception a formal practice within your security organization. Gain access to an in-depth maturity model and assessments to see where your program is performing well and where you may need additional attention.

Professional Services and Deception Consulting

  • Expert reviews and instruction to help with integration of our deception product suite, planning deception operations, Red/Blue/Purple team exercises, and advanced deception consultations

Custom Work

  • We can work with you to design custom deception solutions for any use case. Have a complex deception scenario in mind and aren’t sure where to start? We can help you every step of the way. Examples include Customer Portal HoneyPots, HoneyEmployees, and fictional network devices/infrastructure.


Let's talk about how Cyber Deception can take your security program to the next level!

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